Tips on Google webmaster tools URL exclusion and inclusion

Google allows you, as a site owner, to exclude URLs that have got into their index

  1. By mistake
  2. They are part of an old structure
  3. They are causing duplicate content

Probably as important Google allows you to cancel these instructions as well

Blocking a URL from Google

You need to use webmaster tools and select your site

On the left menu select “Remove URLs”

Google Index URL removal

There you can request to remove a file or whole directory.

If you choose to remove a directory it is very important to remember to put the trailing “/” on the end of the URL

i.e.  is different from

The first will remove all directories that start with “tools” the second will remove just “tools”

Unblocking a URL from Google

If, like me, you did a to watch your site disappear in a stroke there is a remedy

Select to show “All”

Where to file URL exclusions

If the block is still active you can elect to Cancel the block

I hope this helps – it did for me.