How many links on a web page is too many

“How many links on a web page is too many?” – I was recently asked this and thought it was worth investigating.

There are two good reasons to keep your web pages links under 100

  1. Usability
    You need to think like a user and how a user takes a page in. Lots of links are confusing and can distract from the main message or where you want the user to go.
    Also you want to make sure that the search engines are going to where you want them to as well.
    Users often dislike link-heavy pages too, so before you go overboard putting a ton of links on a page, ask yourself what the purpose of the page is and whether it works well for the user experience.
  2. Don’t want to look like a link farm – spam.
    Can pages with over 100 links be spam? Yes, especially if those links are hidden way. But pages with lots of links are not automatically considered as spam by Google, though this has been the consensus for some time. It maybe that a search engine will not consider the links as important if there are lots of them – there is a suggestion of “page rank dilution”.

So don’t be tempted to build the “page of pages” and keep the message clear and simple.

While we are at it take a look at how users physicall look at your web page.

It is also always worth building a keyword strategy design before developing your page layout.