How to organising and structuring your blog content

Topic and Title
As ideas for blog posts pop into your mind, jot them down. You can come back later and expand it into a full title.

Look at products like Content Idea Generator where you can expand a theme and idea

Body Content 
Add some notes about the body content and the key point you want to say. This is especially useful if you have multiple bloggers in your company. It is essential that the content is connected to the title, is concise and to the point. Be engaging and interesting as possible.

Suggest what  keyword or key phrases you are targeting with this post. Blogging plays a major role in driving specific web traffic to your website. Integrate the keywords your company is trying to rank for into your blog posts.

You know who you want to sell to, but you also need to be sure you’re publishing content targeted to them. Try not to post content  for the sake of it. Make sure each post is something that your target audience will want to read and follow through with.

Call to Action 
Make sure there is a clear call to action that encourages the user to move off social media on into your website. Think about what action you would like the user to do when on your website – so the path of the user is clear.