Find location specific with Twitter’s advance search

Twitter now logs the location of Tweets across the world. Next time your are looking for something a little more social – a causual job for instance think about looking at Twitter advanced search. Using a combination of words, hash keys and location you can get quite interesting results.

The URL you want for this is – most people do not know that Twitter has a search facility – yet alone an advanced one.

Keywords and Hash Keys

The use of  words and hashtags allows you to search for quite specific things.  The best thing to do is to experiment with this.

If you want more than one hash key to be included then list them with spaces i.e  “job jobs”.

To search for jobs in restaurants, for example, you would use

“All of these words” = restaurant

“This hash tag” = job jobs

Make sure you select your language.

Selecting a Place

When selecting a place name be sure to add “UK” to it to save on abiguity so just “Boston” will give you the USA but “Boston UK” will, not surprisingly, give you the UK.

Twitter does understand counties ie “Cambridgeshire” but do not combine place county and country ie “Cambridge Cambridgeshire UK” – Twitter does not understand this. Use “Cambridge UK” or “Cambridge Cambridgeshire”

It is important to remember that this is the location the tweet was written.


You would hope that a product like Hootsuite & Tweetdesk would support this search method but it appears they dont – I am sure this will change.

If you are trying to monitor activity for a local pub, lets say called “The Queens Head” you want to make sure that you are looking at a local one and not one in Aberdeen (if there are any) – Twitter Advanced Search can be very useful.