ComScore on Mobile Content Usages Nov 2010

Mobile Content Usage

In November, 67.1 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers used text messaging on their mobile device, up 0.5 percentage points versus the prior three month period, while browsers were used by 35.3 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers (up 0.8 percentage points). Subscribers who used downloaded applications comprised 33.4 percent of the mobile audience, representing an increase of 1.1 percentage points. Accessing of social networking sites or blogs increased 1.0 percentage points, representing 23.5 percent of mobile subscribers. Playing games attracted 22.6 percent of the mobile audience while listening to music attracted 15.0 percent.

Mobile Content Usage
3 Month Avg. Ending Nov. 2010 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Aug. 2010
Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers Ages 13+
Source: comScore MobiLens
  Share (%) of Mobile Subscribers
Aug-10 Nov-10 Point Change
Total Mobile Subscribers 100.0% 100.0% N/A
Sent text message to another phone 66.6% 67.1% 0.5
Used browser 34.5% 35.3% 0.8
Used downloaded apps 32.3% 33.4% 1.1
Accessed social networking site or blog 22.5% 23.5% 1.0
Played Games 23.0% 22.6% -0.4
Listened to music on mobile phone 14.7% 15.0% 0.3

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