Microformatting another way of getting better listings.

We all know that local search marketing is all the rage because the global community is looking more to their local area than ever before – and if you don’t then get researching.

Google of all the search engines is responding  in a big way by changing the way search results are displayed. If your apparent  intent is a search for  a local provider (by using postcode or place name) then they will show integrated local results. These results are outranking and being mixed in with natural search results. The result are natural looking listing that have more items like location markers and stars from review ratings that draw the users’ eye to those listings.

For local businesses and directories the way to win here is to code your website with microformatted to allow much better information updating in Google search results.

If your businesses that provide reviews of local businesses, microformatting  these reviews can provide a good gain traffic from local searchers.

If you want to know how to microformat your website successfully then please get in touch with Community Connections and we can really help to get things kick started for great results.