Think about what keywords to use for your website

Selecting the correct keywords to attract interested visitors is the most critical step in any search engine optimisation campaign. One of the biggest pitfalls is selecting the wrong keywords and then building a campaign around them. This especially true for commercial sites where you want visitors who are buying.
There are a few common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Search Volume – Don’t select phrases based on the daily search volume, but look at relevance. Think about what people using the phrase are looking for – will they be interested in what you are offering?  It is better to have a hundred interested visitors than a thousand disinterested ones.
  2. Word Order – Don’t optimise for words in the wrong order. Research keywords based on “phrase match” not “broad match”.  For example “marketing small business” under broad match will have a high search volume but using phrase match shows that what you really wanted was “small business marketing” which has an even high search volume.
  3. Search Expression Phrase Length – Don’t use short phrases – generally short phrases don’t attract buyers.  Internet buyers usually use phrases with 3-5 words. Buyer phrases are usually very specific including make, model and location to get more refined search result.
  4. Localisation – If you are a local business then don’t compete on broad, national keywords. It is much better and easier to get good ranking for local phrases i.e. search terms and location. The chances are that your local catchment is where your sales will come from. Think of your neighbourhood, village, town and county.

Community Connections can help you get good results in all these areas.

3 tips for making better use of your Adwords

There are ways you can make the most of your budget on Adwords with minimal affect conversions.

Tip 1 – Content Network

Switch off  content network. Adwords are shown not only in searches, but also across the Content Network (i.e those sites that use Google ads) as well. Content network traffic is renowned for poor conversions and too many click thrus. You can save money by simply switching it off. You might want to look at the other channels as well

Tip 2 – Negative Keywords

Make the most of negative keywords. Many people don’t realise that their ads are showing up for all sorts of searches that aren’t even related to their products or services. The obvious one is the use of  “Free”. If your service is not free then you are not interested in people searching for “Free” items relating to your ad.  Keep a close eye on how your ads are working and spot negative words as you find them. You can do this by running

Tip 3 – Quality Score

Google looks at the page your ad is going to (your landing page) and assigns it a Quality Score. The lower your score the more you will pay per click. So optimise your landing pages – best of all write a special page for the ad this should increase conversions anyway.  Y should be able to lower your cost per click and increase your position without spending more.
There is a Google Relevance tool that will tell you how your landing page works for specific keywords

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