Making the most of the web content you already have

Too many of us do not make the most of the content we already have on out website and blogs. In my experience this is a mistake so there are some quick tips that could really help.

Look at your analytics and see which of your posts are the most popular – take the top 10 – and then do the following

  1. Run a quick topic analysis to see what is more popular.
  2. Look at any calls to action (CTA) on these pages and make sure they work and are up to date.
  3. Cross link from these pages to other relevant or popular content so that the users starts a discovery path.
  4. Make sure the content on these pages is up to date and correct. Correct this page do not write a new entry.
  5. Ensure the page is optimised correctly – if you change the title make sure the URL does not change. Optimisation may require just adding in a few more keywords (see The trade off between SEO and Website Usability)

You might as well get the content you already have working harder for you.