Social Media

Social media may not seem to be relevant to your business but the chances are that it is now or soon will be.

Social media is the current buzz on the internet. Building and engaging an on-line community can be invaluable for gaining new customers and expanding loyalty in existing customers. However managing this requires a consistent planned strategy.

Social Media in 4 Paragraphs

  1. Social media is a new way to use the web. It’s a trendy term to describe a new kind of mass media.  It involves both listening, and talking. It’s about being there for friends as well as engaging strangers. It’s all done on a daily basis by thousands of people in your locality. Be under no illusion…it’s where the people are. And it’s definitely NOT just for kids.
  2. Are you selling products? You can bet your core customers are on Twitter or Facebook right now, this minute, sharing recipes, asking for advice on new products and yes, complaining about brands like yours.
  3. Are you offering a service? Say you’re a lawyer or a dentist. Your clients are on-line today – people in your area – letting their followers and friends know about their upcoming trip to your office probably before your assistant even pens the appointment in your diary.
  4. The examples of how social media and business are converging online are almost endless. The point of all these examples is as visible as an elephant in a goldfish bowl: ignore these people and your business will suffer, over time. Your choice, the only one you have right now, frankly, is to engage these people on their turf, to meet them online where they gather. If you want to get ahead, you’d better do it fast.