Developing Internet Web and Social Media Business Strategies

Community Connections aims to help all businesses move forward into the 21st century with a complete online strategy.
We understand that change is always complicated and stressful – it requires a leap of faith.
If it isn’t an area of your expertise then it is difficult to know when to jump and how far.

We have the expertise to help start that transition using an organic style, starting with small steps to get it right first time.

Get in touch and we can talk more about how we can begin to leverage the power of the internet and social media for your business.

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Social Media Strategy

On-line Social Media is changing so quickly that most businesses either ignore it; or need a strategy to keep on top of it.Social Media is not going away – here are a few pointers that every business needs, to make the most of its on-line presence.

Mobile Web & Mobile App Strategies

Does your business website render on a mobile device so that it is easy to use and navigate? If not then you are missing out on a fast growing traffic segment – it is estimated that about 25 – 30% of most web traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Your online strategy must have an mobile element to it or you don’t have a strategy. We are happy to help.

Web Design & Usability

Websites are a matter of taste but there are some basic rules that need to be followed.

Simple changes can greatly improve the user experience and conversions. A regular review of your site, linked to your main objectives and web analytics, is essential to ensure your site builds and keeps its traffic.

Keyword Search Strategy

The right keyword search strategy is the pinnacle of search engine optimisation creating the best online and offline campaigns.

Any modern branding campaign has to consider offline marketing in parallel with the online one and because online can lag behind there needs forward planning.

Locating the most popular keywords in your target market is a skill on its own.