Adding PayPal buttons to your WordPress Blog

Adding a PayPal button to your WordPress website is really useful but can be tricky so here is how it is done.

  1. Log into Paypal
  2. go to this link
  3. “Create new button” on the right.
  4. Fill in step 1 only
  5. Do NOT customise the button
  6. Click “Create” at the bottom
  7. On the “You are viewing your button code” page select the “Email”  option. Copy that code and use it as the link to the buy option on you page.
What I usually do is add a text box widget somewhere on the site and then do something like this

Code looks like this

<b>Full Price Tickets</b>
<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img alt=”” src=”; border=”0″ /></a>
<b>Concession Tickets</b> <a href=”; target=”_blank”><img alt=”” src=”; border=”0″ /></a>


Setting up a WordPress website on EasySpace for Plesk Control

There are a couple of tricks you need to know to get it EasySpace and Plesk and WordPress to seamlessly work with each other.

Change your A record on EasySpace to as follows adding in the IP to your Plesk server.

Now add a domain from your Plesk Control Panel but do not tick the “www” box.

The URL for your new website is – which is how WordPress wants to see it.

Now setup a subdomain for your website (tick Physical Hosting), leave the “www” box un-ticked and make the subdomain “www”.

Lastly upload this (modified) index.html

<meta http-equiv=”Refresh” content=”0; url=” />
<p>Please follow <a href=””>link</a&gt;!</p>

As long as the you set the timeout of 0 (zero) seconds it accepted by Google as a 301 permanent redirect and will not affect SEO.

This means that will also work as


Using short URLs and where to get one

Why would you want a short URL?

Well they are short and this in the world of Twitter is important because you only have 140 characters to play with. So if you want to put a web address into your tweet then you need to keep it as short as possible.

Most blogging tools will generate a short URL for you, in WordPress for example there is a “Get Shortlink” button at the top of your edit page (this article is for example).

Google now offer a short link tool (you will need a google account) go to This is quite a useful tool because you can create a short URL to anything on the web and keep a record of what you have created (see ).

If you are wanting to save space then Google wins by 3 characters (for the time being).