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UK date from a mixed format US date in Excel

Quite often if you open a CSV file in Excel with American date formats Excel will do its best to convert them (badly) and you end up with some in date format and some in text format.

This formula helps to sort it out.


So 6/21/16 becomes 21/06/2016  and 5/29/16 becomes 29/05/2016

Social Media Spam Up 355% – “Like-jacking,” social bots, fake accounts

From January to June of 2013, there was a 355% growth of spam to the typical social media account, according to a recent study by Nexgate.

Simple text- and link-based posts were found to be the most popular types of social media spam, while “Like-jacking,” social bots, fake accounts, and “spammy apps” were the most prevalent forms of distribution.

Social Media – Social Media Spam Up 355% : MarketingProfs Article.

Social media – failure is an essential ingredient of success

No one is immune from failure on Social Media – the great thing is to learn from failures and to communicate that to you colleagues.

A lot of Social Media is about experimenting, measuring, adapting and moving on. Usually there is no one solution just some basic rules.

4 things I learned about social media from 4 years at SmartBrief SmartBlogs.

Facebook hashtags have little effect on engagement – Social Marketing – BizReport

Hashtags are a powerful discovery tool on Twitter but, according to new research, they have little impact on engagement within the Facebook environment.

Research from social media analytics firm Simply Measured has found that, while 20% of top brands’ Facebook posts now include hashtags, there is no evidence they are influencing engagement. In fact, according to the research, posts with hashtags perform just as well as those without.

Facebook hashtags have little effect on engagement – Social Marketing – BizReport.

Using Hashtags – how to build more conversations & buzz around your business

Now that Facebook has now brought in hashtags they are basically across all social media channels – Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. So there are some tips on how and why to use them in your posts.
Make sure you hashtag is the hashtag you wanted!
Hashtags start with a #, is alphanumeric so no spaces – the tag stops at the first space or punctuation.
  • You can have upper and lower cases i.e. #MyBestTag. I think this makes the tag more readable.
  • You can use the underscore “_” for spaces i.e. #My_Best_Tag. By using the underscore you are making the tag longer.
Keep your hashtag short 
Make  it easy for users to remember your hashtag – including the spelling! Stats show that concise hashtags are more effective than long ones especially as you will want to keep them consistent across all channels. With Twitter restricted to 140 characters your hashtags need to be short
Unique hashtag names
You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Unless your joining specific conversations avoid general hashtags i.e. #jobs or #hot. These sort of hashtags are too broad to relate conversations directly to your business.
Promote your hashtag
If you have a range of hashtags you use then promote it. You will see broadcasters do this so why shouldn’t you. Add them to your promotional material, website, blog etc.
Associate your hashtag to competitions (you will see this on Instagram all the time), events, feedback, comment etc. Anything that allows people to engage with you one way or another.
Do not clutter your hashtags
There is a lot of discussion on how many hashtags you can use in a post, we recommend no more that 3. The more you use the more confusing it can become and increases the potential of diluting the post.

Email still tops social media for online marketing

Over the past couple of years, in a world drenched with talk about the communicative power of social networks, one can be forgiven for thinking email is as passe as phone booths. Yet, a new study finds that email continues to trump social media channels for reaching online customers and markets.

Good old-fashioned email — a medium tainted and polluted with all manner of online pharmacy scams, Nigerian oil fortune hoaxes, and phishing galore; considered a daily time sink — is still providing the biggest bang for the buck for organizations seeking to reach and maintain high-value customers.  That’s the finding of a new study from Custora, which estimates that customer acquisition via email has quadrupled over the last four years:

See full article Email still tops social media for online marketing, study says | SmartPlanet.

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