What does Google Bounce Rate mean?

Many of my clients puzzle over the bounce rate quite often for the wrong reason.

The definition of a bounce

If a user lands on a page – i.e. it’s the first page they see on you website – and then leaves to a different website; presses the back button or just does nothing, they are deemed to have bounced.

The definition of an exit

If a user lands on a page and came from another page within your website and then leaves to a different website, they are deemed to have exited.


What does this mean?

Many of the clients I work with probably want a high bounce because the searcher has found what they are looking for an left the page.

  • A phone number
  • An opening time
  • An email address

So it depends a lot on the nature and objective of the website.

I have one client who publishes articles to get the user to his site so that they will move onto other parts – there a high bounce rate is bad news.

So if for certain pages your bounce and exit rate are high then there maybe something wrong – unless that page is a destination page then it’s a result.

See Kissmetic Bounce Rate Demystified really good infographic