4 Golden rules to maximize the conversion of your landing pages

These rules apply across the online board when coming from email or social media to your website

  1. Take your reader to a page they would expect to see based on the context of the link. If you don’t have a page to take them to then build one or change the message.
  2. Keep the path to checkout as short and as simple as possible. The longer the path (the more clicks and questions) the less likely user is to complete.
  3. Tell a continuous story so that the user is compelled to move forward. A good story answers questions in a timely fashion, keeps the user engaged and minimises resistance to the final call to action.
  4. Lastly do not be tempted to distract the user with other messages and actions – keep your landing page focused.

In your dash for Social Media don’t forget the power of the Newsletter

Recent research has shown that email newsletters are a much better way to stay in touch with your customers than updates posted on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. There seem to be three main reasons.

  1. A newsletter is delivered to the customer inbox and stays there until it is acted on. Social networks messages are “streamed” past the customer with new postings constantly pushing the old ones out of sight.
  2. Generally social networks are used mainly to keep in touch with friends and family. Business and corporate content can often mismatch with this and be seen to get in the way.
  3. The look and feel of a newsletter is mostly under your control and will deliver a more complete and complex message. The format of delivered information on Social Media is greatly restricted and this in turn will restrict the delivered message.

Additional research showed that users, when asked how they would like to receive updates from companies, 10% elected to do so through Social Media, while 90% opted for an email newsletter.

This is really horses for courses social media is very good at delivering nuggets of information such as breaking news and one off special offers.

If your newsletter is the most important way of communicating with loyal customers and fans, so it’s important to treat them well and as more important than audience on social networks. If you have an important message for your customers make sure to send out it out in your newsletter before through your social media channels (tweeting and Facebook news).

One last trick to use in your newsletter is to feed your subscribers snippets of news and offers that they can post to their own social contacts, making them feel more informed and involved – this gives them social advantage, improves loyalty and helps spreads your message.