You need more than a domain name to cover your bases

The modern age of the internet and social media means that it is no longer good enough just to bag your domain name and build your website. I’m afraid its more complicated than that.

  1. Firstly it is becoming more difficult to find the domain name you want as more and more are registered and parked.
  2. What words your domain name consists of is becoming more important as keywords within the domain have a significance.
  3. Then there are all the Social Media handles to make sure you grab. This is especially true for Twitter, Facebook pages, Foursquare, Linkedin and blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger.

So when planning a new website, be it for a product or business you need to check the whole gambit of internet services to ensure you can secure the same “image” domains and common social media services.  Even if you are not using these services still bag the names so no-one else can use them and they are available in the future.

My advise – check them all, you might want to do this for your own name as well.

There are tools to help one of the best is

The ones to really look at are:

And possibly: