What does your business need? To develop Mobile Web or Native Mobile App?

Here are some key considerations when choosing to develop either for mobile web or a native mobile app:

  • Platform Integration: Does your content need to be integrated with other native mobile apps on the device—such as email, cameras, contact lists or other hardware controls? – Then you need a native mobile app.
  • Usage Location: Does data in your app needs to be accessed without Internet access? Then you need a native mobile app.
  • Cost and Availability of Resources: Do you have a small budget?
    Mobile web app requires standard web technologies.
    Native mobile apps require greater expertise in various SDKs and specialized languages.
  • Speed to Market: How quickly are you trying to launch your app?
    Mobile Web apps can be launched without delay; bugs can be fixed instantly; data can be provided as required.
    Native mobile apps require a review process, which can take weeks and there can be content issues imposed by the  App stores. Bugs also take longer to fix and update.
  • Does your target market have access to app devices?: To launch and app you need to develop for iPhone and Android and of course this leaves Blackberry and all those older mobiles that will not have access.

The choice comes down to your company’s business objectives and how you want your customers to engage with your company and its content. Don’t forget your customer is the most important target—not the device comes next.

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