Best way to use Google Maps while abroad

I have recently come back from three weeks in India and found Google Maps on my iPhone to be invaluable for getting around. When abroad, data roaming costs can be expensive and Google Maps has some features that really help. If you do not have Google Maps for your iPhone then load it now – it is so much better than Apple Maps.

This is the technique I used as we moved around from a local base. When on Wi-Fi locally open Google Maps, get your current location and zoom out to the area you will be covering. The map will now be cached on your iPhone and you can use it when out and about without needing access to the internet. Google will allow you to add one location pointer, which is also cached.

The other trick I used was taking screen snap on the iPhone to save a picture of our current location. To take a screen snap on your iPhone press the home button and sleep at the same time. I used this to save snaps of where our hotel was or a restaurant I saw that I fancied for later.


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