What to quote when your boss asks “Why do we need Social Media”

Just throw some hard hitting statistics at them 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

  1. 94% of all companies who take marketing seriously use social media as part of their marketing strategy;
  2. of that 90%, 60%  devote a full work day to social media marketing development and maintenance;
  3. of that 90%, 84% noted a gain in their market exposure, while 58 percent of businesses that have used social media marketing for more than three years stated seeing an increase in sales over that period.
  4. 43% of people aged 20-29 spend more than 10 hours a week on social media sites;

Is your company’s CEO still questioning the importance of social media? Then share some of these thoughts with them:

  1. Engaging consumers – As more and more shoppers go on-line to browse and shop it is essential to engaging them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms.
  2. According to a recent Forrester Research Inc. report, on-line shoppers in the U.S. are forecast to spend $327 billion by 2016, an increase of 45%.
  3. In 2016, e-retail will account for 9% of total retail sales,
  4. It is essential that you know what people are saying about your business.
  5. Are customers turning to Twitter and Facebook to complaint about your products or services?
  6. Are they taking to social media venues to disperse unfounded rumors about your company?
  7. Is your competition talking about you in ways that do not truly define your company?
  8. A strong social media presence allows your company to be seen as an authority in its particular industry. Consumers are more apt to come to your Facebook and Twitter company pages if you are providing valuable links, authoritative blog posts, informative press releases and more.

Social media is only going one way in the next few years – UP. Wouldn’t you rather be at front of the social media train than running behind chasing tail lights?

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