What is it about Social Media and Small Businesses?

Social has gone mobile in a big way with constant connectivity – via apps, mobile phones, tablets – at home, on the move and in the car.

According to Nielson research, nearly 70% of smartphone owners use their phone while watching television (it’s so annoying); over 50% go to bed with their phone (under the pillow); almost 60% are on the phone while in the presence of friends and family (look at me when you are talking); just under 60% use it while shopping; 47% while commuting and 23% during business meetings or class (give me that phone).
If this isn’t enough the same survey found that 28% of bathroom breaks may involve a mobile device!

Marketing is beginning to blur the lines between advertising and service, relationships and reputation, experience and outcomes as consumers interact with one another and businesses on a constant basis.
Like many disruptive technologies, those business owners that build on this trend and obtain a significant slice of this consumer base will reap long term rewards. Those that hesitate and lag behind may find it more and more difficult to catch up.

Savvy small business owners don’t have to tackle all the complexities of mobile marketing today; it is sufficient to create a compelling site capable of meeting the needs of consumers in today’s platform. One of the benefits of outsourcing your social media marketing is the ability to grow with demand – have a team of experts at a fraction of the cost required to hire a full-time member of staff.

Just remember, the mobile marketing of today is tomorrow’s connected consumer.

4 comments on “What is it about Social Media and Small Businesses?

  1. I think mobile communications – especially mobile internet and apps – are fantastic. Really convenient. But, they are getting in the way of family life and people really have to start practicing self control! I have set myself a rule of putting my phone away until my kids have gone to bed. And then when I go to bed, I leave my phone downstairs!

  2. I think that is admirable Ian and I am sure your kids appreciate it. I was in a burger restaurant last week where the couple next door spent almost the entire meal on their mobile phones. I love my phone but I like to talk and interact as well.

  3. I agree with outsourcing your social media. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to do it in house. The problem then, however, is that the outsourced company never quite understands the business as well as the owner. Still, it’s a good solution for most owners.

    • The trick is to setup processes that let the client be still fully involved but take the day to day grind out of social media. We invest in the right tools that a normal client would not want to afford and use them to increase co-operation between social management and the client.

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