8 quick ideas to get blogging and keep blogging

 When starting off blogging so often there are two issues –
  • How do I start?
  • What do I blog regularly?

With a little rational thought you can easily answer these questions and have fun.

1. Where to start?

Look at all the material and information you already have. This will probably be marketing material, brochures etc sitting on the shelf. Don’t publish them verbatim look at the wording – read it out loud to see what it sounds like. Don’t publish it all at once – break it up into small pieces and you will get more than one post out of it. Every time you have a special offer you have a blog. 2. Case Studies You must have success stories to talk about – a happy customer, a good sale, a good month. Make a story around it.

  • What you did for the client? – “Delivered in record time”
  • Why the client was happy? – “With in client budget”
  • Talk to the sales team regularly and use their insight into the business.

3. Questions

I imagine you are always being asked questions use these to make a blog post. One idea is to have a notepad somewhere to note questions as they happen. Talk to Customer Support for ideas as well. These can be an endless source to blog entries

4. Ideas from the News

There are always things happening in your sector in the news – give your opinion. What do you think? What can you business do about it?

5. Seasonal Blogs

Is your business seasonal – most are – do seasonal blogs and don’t be frightened to re-use content from previous years but not verbatim. Look at the calendar and you will see that there are lots of possibilities with a little lateral thinking.

6. Pictures

A picture is worth 1000 words (so they say). A photo with a one paragraph caption is fine as a blog entry. Inside the business Finish product Happy employees Happy clients Its worth getting permission from people if they are in the picture and make sure you have copyright for the picture

7. Lists

Lists are great, don’t worry about the number in the list – but it needs to be a list three or more items. Every business has top list (this is one). In a dull moment or with friends make up a list it can be fun.

8. Finally

And remember whenever you are writing

  • Engage the whole business at regular company meetings for ideas
  •  Keep your blogs short and concise
  • Think about the headline – it needs to catch the eye and engage
  • User pictures where possible.

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