How to get correctly listed on Bing Business Listings

If you use Bing (Microsofts answer to Google) then you may notice that they now have a Local Listing with a map similar to Google Places.

And then when you click on the more listings

The detail of data added to these listings is not great but you can, and should, control some of it.

Go to this URL to find and update your listing. and click “Search” then enter the postcode for your business

Form the returned listing you can either add a new one or “select” the current one and up date it (please note that select delete
is not one button but two actions “select” and “delete”.
Unfortunately it is limiting the information you can change, unlike Google Places where there is a wealth of information you can add. The most importantly missing facility is locating your business correctly. In this example “The Queens Head Harston” is in fact located on the wrong side of the street!

How to Get Your Website Registered with Bing

Being listed on Bing as well will help! You need to submit your website for it to be picked up and crawled all over. The submit URL for  Bing is:

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