Growing a SEO Long Tail

A SEO Long Tail?

The Long Tail is getting the fine detail of your website into search engines. So instead of targeting just 10 keywords and phrases you decide to target 200 tapping into the granularity of your website. This is  the fastest way of building quality traffic to your website.

SEO Long tail

SEO Long tail Keywords by Hits

But is does require planning

  • Identifying the relevant keywords.
  • Design a hierarchy and strategy.
  • Ensuring that when a user hits your site they find information that is relevant.
  • Ensure that the user can move on into your site to find more information.

Community Connections has been using these techniques with a client in Cambridge. In three months they have trebled  the visitors from 15,000 to 60,000 and increase the number of keywords used to find their site from 9,000 to 26,000. Having convinced the client that is does really work they are now investing in a website redesign which we have estimated to push their traffic to 100,000 a month.

Take a looks at your site and think about how it was designed and wonder if it could have been different. Community Connections can help you grow and change it.

2 comments on “Growing a SEO Long Tail

    • Addressing long tail and short tail issues for SEO is a established technique used by many designers, short tail being the traffic from high level keywords. The graph does help to show clients what you are talking about.

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