Users spend on average 50 seconds reading your newsletter.

On average, if you’re lucky, users spend 50 seconds reading your newsletter. So the layout, writing and usability have to be good to survive a crowded inbox.

  • Keep it brief – use the newsletter to direct the user to your website. The layout must be designed so that users can quickly grasp the content. Remember you are writing for the web so your word count will be much lower and sentences will be more concise.
  • Use good headlines – most users simply skim the headlines – and use bullet points.
  • Try to avoid underlining – this obscures words making them harder to read. Use fonts size and bolding to differentiate headings and subheading.
  • White Space – do not crowd the space.
  • Keep graphics to a minimum only using them where necessary. If your newsletter does not work without graphics then re-work it.
  • Keep colours simple and clean
  • Unsubscribe – needs to be clearly accessible and work. There is nothing worse for the user than a newsletter they can not unsubscribe to.